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Why Choose Us

Cash it Car UK are committed to making it completely hassle-free to sell your car. We pay the HIGHEST PRICE for your car. We back that up with over 25 years’ industry experience to ensure you get the best customer experience when selling your car. Our friendly staff are there to help you through the process so that you avoid the hassle of having to negotiate with sales people at car dealerships or having to advertise the car yourself.

We aim to provide the highest possible level of service to our customers. Our highly qualified technicians often with decades of car industry experience of repairing, maintaining and valuing vehicles who are assigned to inspect vehicles at customers’ own premises. This way we know that you will be in good hands and will be dealt with fairly & professionally at all times. We want to make the selling process as quick and easy as possible for all our customers. Vehicle inspections are undertaken quickly and the paperwork is a breeze. We will check your vehicle documentation and ensure everything is in order for the sale. Please remember to bring everything with you.

Payment can be made either when the vehicle is collected and inspected, or conveniently paid by electronic transfer (BACS) to a UK bank – which can take up to four days, depending on your bank. We have a great deal of experience dealing with car finance companies on behalf of our customers. We can therefore help to deal with any outstanding finance on your vehicle to ensure that the loan against the car is cleared when it is sold.

Our decades of experience helping customers sell their cars quickly means we’re the ideal car buyer for you. Online valuations are speedy and we can come out to meet you in person. And remember, selling your car no longer has to take ages!