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Whether you want to sell your car or opt for an exchange, it is crucial to know its valuation to make informed decisions. Knowing a vehicle’s value helps you be confident while negotiating the price with a dealer or seller and ensures you get fair deals for your car.

However, several factors impact a vehicle's valuation. Therefore, If you are looking forward to selling your vehicle, we recommend you take the help of our car valuation guide.

At Cash It Car UK, we offer you a comprehensive guide on how to value your car online, what are the factors that affect car valuation, how to get the best value for your car and more.

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Our list of essential car valuation guides

How mileage affects car valuation?

Mileage is one of the most significant factors that affect a car's valuation. In the UK, car mileage is generally grouped in bands of 20,000 miles. Each time a car passes through a band, there will be around 20?preciation of its original value.

What are Cat D and Cat C cars?

In the UK, insurance companies use 4 categories to classify cars based on the damage sustained by them from collision or accident. These categories are labelled as A, B, C and D. In several car sell listing pages, you will often find some vehicles labelled as Cat D (or category D) or Cat C (or category C), which indicates:

Cat D- This label shows that a particular car has sustained some moderate damage. However, the repair cost of such damages is less than the total market value of the car. Therefore, when you see a vehicle with a Cat D label, it will indicate that either it has some underlying damages that the buyer needs to repair, leading to extra costs, or that the damage has been already repaired.

Cat C- This label indicates that the particular vehicle has been involved in some collision and the repair cost of the damage sustained from the collision is more than its current market value. It means that the insurance company would not pay for such damages. Therefore, if you sell a Cat C car, there will be almost a 50?preciation of its original value.

Apart from this our car valuation guides also cover other aspects like-

  • How to secure the best value for modified cars?
  • How to value a car online?
  • When to buy an electric car?
  • How does the service history of a car affect its valuation? And more.

Therefore, search no further for car valuation guides Leicester and get in touch with us. We will answer all your queries and help you make an informed decision.

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