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While selling a vehicle, it is extremely crucial to estimate its valuation at the current market price to secure a fair deal. The valuation or worth of a vehicle depends on several factors like mileage, service history, vehicle model, etc. All of them must be fairly understood by car owners willing to sell their vehicles to confidently negotiate the price with their dealers.

At Cash It Car UK, we help you estimate the right car valuation with our FREE ONLINE VALUATION tool instantly. You can also book an appointment at one of our 20 workshops in the UK and get your car's valuation with a detailed inspection. Most often, the valuation after such inspection stands the same as the online valuation provided you had shared the right inputs in our online tool.

Check out the factors that affect car valuation

At our workshop, we consider all the following crucial factors to find the right results for car valuation UK

1. Vehicle make and model

Certain car models of a particular segment are more desirable than other variants. Therefore, if you want to sell a car model which has great market demand, the value will be resultantly higher.

2. Previous owners

Vehicles with a fewer number of previous owners will generally have more value. You will have a higher value for your car if you have been its first-hand owner. This is because a car that has changed more hands indicates some potential un-resolved problems.

3. Service history

Any vehicle with full and updated car service history will certainly have more re-sale value as it indicates proper maintenance and vice versa.

4. Modifications

If your vehicle has some extra modifications like alloy wheels, heated seats, etc., that make it more desirable, the re-sale value will be higher.

5. Condition of the car

If a car has underlying damages from collision or accidents, or some dents and scratches, its valuation will be less than ones with no imperfections even if the other aspects are fine.

6. Mileage

Any vehicle that has covered less mileage will have more valuation than a vehicle that has over average mileage.

Apart from this, a vehicle's valuation also depends on the current market prices, influenced by the demand to supply ratio.

At Cash It Car UK, we help you get the right car valuation without taking much time. We use a computerized system that helps us keep track of the current market prices and therefore maintain a fair price policy.

You can also alternatively use our FREE ONLINE VALUATION tool for instant results.


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