How it Works

Our simple three step process quickly takes customers from initial enquiry to the sale of the car. These three steps are: Online valuation, Appointment and Payment.

Online Valuation

The first step is the online valuation. When visiting our web site for the first time, you enter the vehicle registration and click Enter. You are then shown a new window where you are asked to enter the pertinent information about your car. This includes, the car make, the car model or model number, the mileage and any relevant notes that we might need to know. From this information, we search our car price database and make an assessment of the correct valuation for the vehicle based on the information supplied. If the information is accurate and no important information has been omitted, our online valuation will be accurate.



We are then able to agree a local showroom appointment with you. We can come out to inspect your vehicle in your driveway or personal garage or lockup. Alternatively, we can collect your vehicle and bring it to one of our twenty regional showrooms. You may choose to drive the vehicle in yourself, It’s completely up to you. An appointment at a local showroom will include the showroom details, the date and appointment time. We will then notify the regional office so they will expect your visit at that time.


We have two options for the payment of the car.

The first is to buy the car on collection. This is where we inspect the vehicle if it is located at or near your office or home. If we can confirm that the initial online valuation was indeed correct, we will make a payment to you at that time. The second option is that we will bring the vehicle back to our showroom for an inspection there. If we agree everything to your satisfaction, then a payment is made by bank transfer to your nominated UK bank account. Bank transfers via BACS can take from a just few hours to up to four days.