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Volvo has been synonymous with safety and durability since its inspection. Staying true to its DNA, the Swedish automaker introduced the three-point safety belt, which later became the safety standard for all car models. Also, Volvo models are made of ultra-high-strength steel, and the structure is designed to dissipate impact energy in the event of a collision.

Are you delaying your “sell my Volvo car” plan to avoid the hassle of finding a reliable dealer and negotiating for a decent rate? Then stop dealing, and get in touch with Cash It Car UK today!

We understand how cumbersome the traditional car sale experience can be and thus offer the entire process in just three steps for your convenience.

An overview of our service

Our three-step car selling method involves a free online valuation, followed by car inspection, and lastly, quick payment options.

Let’s take a look at the brief breakdown.

1. Opt for an online car valuation

Are you curious to know what the worth of your Volvo car is? Then utilise our ONLINE VALUATION TOOL for instant and accurate results. For that, you just have to enter your vehicle’s registration number, model name, total mileage covered and other details. Then, click on the Value My Car option for the results.

Note: Please submit accurate data to avoid discrepancies.

2. Book an appointment for inspection

If you are happy with the rate, then book a slot and bring your car to our facility for a brief inspection. In this process, our experts will conduct a 30 minutes examination to ensure that all your online entries are correct. If the data matches, then we will offer you our final rate.

However, if you cannot make time to visit us, you can opt for our free car collection service. We will collect your Volvo car from anywhere in the country.

Note: Do not forget to submit the related documents to streamline the process.

3. Receive payments instantly

We provide two payment options.

  • a. Cash, which you can collect on the same day from us.
  • b. Through bank transfer, which takes around four days depending on how fast your bank credits the amount to your account.

Note: Kindly provide your bank credentials to help us initiate the payment immediately.

How do we evaluate the rate?

To offer you the HIGHEST PRICE for your Volvo car, we employ an advanced computerised system to keep track of the current market value. However, we also consider a few other factors before quoting our price like-

  • Car’s age
  • Current condition
  • Mileage
  • Service records
  • Security features
  • Optional extras
  • Number of previous owners
  • Demand
  • Seasonality, etc.

Still, confused why we are the best answer for your how to sell my Volvo online queries? Here’s why.

Additional benefits

a. We have more than 25 years of experience in the industry and thus ensure that our customers have a seamless car selling experience.

b. Cash It Car UK boasts 20 stores across the country.

c. We provide assistance to deal with any pending loan payments before selling the car.

d. Our car sale process does not require lengthy paperwork.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Then hurry and call us on 01527 916838 or 07774 498499 for more details..