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Sell My Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is known for its incorporation of advanced technologies, focusing on reliability and driving performance. The Japanese automaker combines passenger car comfort with four-wheel drive’s manoeuvrability to enhance the driving experience. Features such as the PHEV system, MI-PILOT, S-AWC etc., provide drivers with a sense of security.

But the experience of selling a car with such high-tech features can be stressful. Thus, to streamline the entire car sale procedure, Cash It Car UK is at your service!

Who are we?

Cash It Car UK is one of the leading car buyers in the UK, making the car-selling process truly hassle-free for our customers. We have been in this business for more than 25 years and ensure to offer the HIGHEST PRICE for any vehicle, be it new or old. 

You need to follow the following steps to sell your Mitsubishi car.

3 steps to sell vehicles

The traditional way of selling a car is tedious and may not assure the best price. So, avoid the hassle with our quick and convenient service.

Step 1: Free car valuation in seconds

Our FREE CAR VALUATION TOOL provides an up-to-date quotation of any vehicle in no time by determining certain details about a vehicle. First, you have to provide your Mitsubishi’s registration number, model name, mileage etc. Next, click on the “Value My Car” option to obtain the accurate rate, depending on the market value, demand and seasonality.


Note: Make sure to enter the data accurately. A single error may change the rate.

Step 2: Appointment for car inspection

If you are satisfied with the rate, book a slot with us for vehicle inspection. In this process, our highly competent technicians will run a brief assessment to check the authenticity of the data provided online. If the details match, we will offer you the highest price.

However, if you have other engagements and can’t make time to bring your Mitsubishi car to our workshop, opt for our free car collection service. We extend this service to any location within the country.

Note: Remember to provide the related documents to support your online inputs.

Step 3: Instant payment facility

The last step of your sell my Mitsubishi online journey is the payment. We either provide cash or bank transfer.

In case of cash payments, you can directly claim it from us then and there. And for bank transfers, we initiate the transaction via an electronic transfer medium BACS. However, it may take up to 4 days for the amount to get credited to your account.

Note: Kindly help us with your bank credentials for a smooth payment process.

Still wondering what makes us the best answer to your “sell my Mitsubishi car” searches?

Reasons why we are the ideal destination

  • When we say “We Buy Any Car”, we mean it and deal with any Mitsubishi model that you drive, be it new or old.
  • We assist our customers to deal with their remaining loans before they sell the car.
  • Irrespective of where you are in the country, you can still sell your car to us hassle-free. We boast 20 stores nationwide.
  • We employ an advanced computerised system to keep track of the current market value to get you the best price.
  • Our car inspection involves less paperwork.
  • Our professionals hold decades of experience in repairing, maintaining and valuing all types of cars.
  • Our car sale process does not involve any negotiation with sales executives.

Have questions? Then reach us on 01527 916838 or 07774 498499.