Sell My Mini


Mini cars are no longer a rare sight in the UK streets and have remained a British icon since the 1960s and ’70s. A few world-class features like a touch controller with handwriting recognition facility, easy Bluetooth connectivity, Harman audio, ultra-rigid exterior, smart airbags, etc., account for the wide popularity of Mini models.

But selling a car with such cutting-edge features is quite stressful. That’s why Cash It Car UK brings a simplified 3-step car sale process. So, avoid the hassle of the traditional car sale process and enjoy a convenient experience with us.

How do we satisfy your sell my Mini car searches?

We extend a quick service to strive for 100% customer satisfaction. It involves a free online valuation, followed by car inspection, and lastly, quick payment options. Below is a brief overview of these 3 steps.

Step 1: Free car valuation

To begin your sell my car journey, enter your car registration number along with other essential information, such as mileage, model name, etc., on our FREE CAR VALUATION TOOL. Then, click on the Value My Car option.

Disclaimer: Carefully enter the details to get accurate results.

Step 2: Bring your car for inspection

We boast 20 stores nationwide. So, once you are satisfied with our rate, book a slot for a physical inspection of your Mini model. Then, bring your Mini model to the nearest facility, where we will run an assessment to confirm your online entries. Then, we will offer you our final rate based on the current market value, demand, and seasonality.

Disclaimer: Don’t forget to bring all the documents at the time of inspection to ensure that everything is in order for sale.

Step 3: Opt for quick payment options

This is the last step to your sell my Mini online journey. We make payments either in cash or through electronic transfer (BACS) to a UK bank. However, this can take up to 4 days, based on your bank.

Disclaimer: Help us with your bank credentials so that we can initiate the process at the earliest.

How Cash It Car UK offers the HIGHEST PRICE?

Our company employs an advanced computerised system to determine the rate according to the current market value. Also, we consider a few other factors, such as-

Age of the vehicle

Present vehicle condition

Security features


History of services and more

Additional benefits

If you have any outstanding loans, we can be of great help. We have great experience dealing with car finance companies on behalf of our customers. Thus, we ensure to help you clear the remaining amount before you sell the Mini car.

We undertake car inspections quickly against minimal documentation.

We have been in the business for over 25 years and ensure our customers the HIGHEST PRICE and best car sale experience.

All our technicians are highly qualified and hold decades of experience in repairing, maintaining, and valuing vehicles. So, rest assured that your Mini will be in the best hands.

You can skip the hassles of advertising your Mini car to negotiate with salespersons at dealerships.

Want to talk to our experts? Contact us on 01527 916838 or 07774 498499.