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When Making an Appointment, What Do You Need To Bring?


Our process when dealing with car evaluations and purchases at CashitCarUK is a simple one. We designed it that way to take a lot of the fuss and trouble out of selling your car. Most people find it quite daunting and want to avoid meeting members of the public or an aggressive buyer trying to squeeze out a low price. For these reasons, a large car buyer that guarantees to purchase your vehicle and uses the latest prices in the car market to make their offer price, is an attractive alternative. Once you have provided the initial details of your vehicle, such as the car registration, make, model, and other information of merit, and we have made an initial offer, we can then go ahead with an appointment for you. During this appointment, an experience motor vehicle valuer will inspect the vehicle inside and out to confirm the details on the vehicle match how it was described online in your initial application. When coming to one of our depots for the appointment, there are a number of things you will need to bring with you, in case you decide at that time that you wish to proceed with the sale. Firstly, we will need your email address, contact number and either a passport or a driving licence. Following a sale, we email the details of the sale to you for your records and we keep the contact number in case we have any follow up questions about the vehicle. The passport or driving licence is needed as personal photographic identification. Also, a recent proof of address like a utility bill or a bank statement, with your current address which must match the address on the V5. With regard to vehicle documents, you will need to bring along your V5, the service book, handbook, any spare keys that you have, and the locking wheel nuts. If you have a radio installed, then we will need the radio codes. Any key codes too. Should your vehicle have a Sat Nav installed that you wish included in the sale, then we will need all documents for this device including registration details, guarantee, software CDs/DVDs, etc. If you have outstanding financing on the vehicle, we will need a letter from your vehicle finance company confirming the current redemption figure to clear the debt and how long this amount is good for.

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