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What is a pony car?


There is plethora of car types in the United Kingdom. A lesser known type is the Pony car which may not be known to you under this name but it has been one of the favorite of the driving population of the country.
Like many cars that have been born in the United States, pony car too was the brainchild of the American car manufacturer, Mustang. The car is known for maintaining the stylish look while simultaneously offering compact design and amazing high performance.
The name of the car, pony car is due to the emblem that is found in every car. Found on the sleek, stylish grille of the car, the pony is now a symbol associated with style, power and luxury.
Since 1969 around nine million of these pony cars manufactured by Ford Mustang have been sold to the customers. Since the car was first made by Mustang the name of car has not been known to many. But after competition from other manufacturers started to grow, pony car started to become more common.
The name of the pony car, Mustang has been derived from the famous and powerful war plane of the WWII , Mustang. This was the P-51 fighter plane whose developer was employed by Ford Mustang.
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