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Waxing your stylish Black BMW


We buy any car that our online visitors want to sell to us. But if you want to proudly tell your friends that I can easily sell my car online due to our wonderful and easy process then get your car waxed before the day of appointment. This will get you a better price and also you can sell your car easily.
Whether you love cars or not you cannot refuse the allure of a stylish Black BMW. If you are an owner of an impressive black BMW you should know that it won’t be impressive if you don’t take of it. With its black color anything done with it will be apparent easily. This also means that if the wax job is done properly it will be easily be seen by many and may allow the car to lose its charm. But on the other hand you cannot ignore applying wax to it.
Here you can read the perfect way to wax your jet black BMW. This will allow you to retain its excellent shine without leaving any unnecessary marks on it.
First step will be to wash your car thoroughly. Use a good car wash detergent or soap for this. Make sure that there is no dirt residue on your car. Use a sponge to easily clean your car by scrubbing it. Using a sponge allows you to save the car from abrasions. You can also use a toothbrush as well to easily remove any dirt particle from the door handles and other hard to reach areas.
Step two requires you to dry your car. Wet car won’t let you wax the car properly. Therefore find a chamois cloth that will be ideal for the job. Once you are done use a simple clay bar easily available in the market. With it you can easily remove the metallic debris on the paint. The brake dust that is found on the bumpers of your car and nearby regions can be easily removed from clay bars.
Once you are done you can proceed to step three. Here you can use a good polishing item that will help you to easily cure any defects on the surface of the car. Read the manual that comes with the product to apply it as they vary from product to product.
Get Carnuba Was which can be applied by damp cloth or a sponge. With the wax cover the car surfaces but make sure that the wax doesn’t comes to the rubber seals found on the doors and also on the black plastic that is found on the car. The reason is that if the wax touches these areas you will get white stains on them that will be apparent with the jet black color of your car.

Let the wax to work its magic for some time. Ideally it is best that you let it on the car for ten minutes. We like to state here that you ensure that the car is standing in a shading area. This will not make the wax stick on the car or to melt. After the waiting period you can buff away the wax slowly in long consistent swipes. Most will recommend to do it circular motions which is what we advise as well. Use a dry cloth for the buffing the wax.

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