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Turn Your Second Car Into Cash


For many people in the UK today, jobs are becoming increasingly scarce and job security is not what it used to be. Many families are two car families, but as inflation picks up again, costs keep rising and some are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. Running two cars in a single household can seem like a big luxury and when tightening the belt around family expenses, often one of the cars will be left in the driveway to save on running costs.

This is a common picture for many families today and it may be for you or for someone you know. We think it is a bad idea to have a car sitting unused in the driveway or the garage. Firstly, it is losing value as it ages. As a car gets older it still has to be maintained, with oil refills, mechanical checks, MOT re-certifications and fixing any issues that come out of the MOT check before it can be approved for another year on the road. Whilst insurance costs can be reduced for unused vehicles, vehicles still need to be taxed for the road and properly insured. Keeping an extra vehicle for that rainy day or when you have guests over who need transporting somewhere, can be an expensive thing.

Increasingly, we are hearing from stressed families who would like an easy way to sell their second vehicle. As well as reducing the expense budget, it can also put some much needed cash into your pocket to clear old loans and credit card bills, or simply to place some rainy day money in your savings account to protect against unemployment and other unexpected situations.

CashitCarUK provide an easy online website where you can provide basic information on your second vehicle. We will give you an initial valuation quote and then can arrange to collect your vehicle to bring it to our nearest depot for a full inspection. If we both agree on the condition of the vehicle and our offer price, a purchase can be made the same day and payment could be deposited into your bank account in days.

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