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Tips for tires for winter storage


Tires are expensive and pose a challenge when the question of keeping them safe arises. For that reason it is important that when you are placing your car for winter storage you make sure that you take precautions in keeping them safe. After if you are one of those that say that I want to sell my car online then having good tires with your car will help your price. Granted we buy any car but having a car in good condition can really help you in getting a good price.
The best way to keep your tires safe during the winter storage will be to raise your car up. Check with the city council to see if there are no ordinances against it. You can use concrete blocks for it or you can use jack stands as well to ensure that they are all up. Do inspect the tires when you get the car out since they have the tendency to develop flat spots that can not only reduce the tire life but also cause bumpy rides.
If you are not allowed to raise your car in your state you can also take them off. In that case we advise you to wrap them in plastic so that they are safe from dirt or debris. Also try to find clean wood on which you can place them and avoid placing them on the ground for storage. Always place them in vertical position and not in horizontal position.
Tires should always be handled with care since they are expensive. If you pay good money for them make sure that you get the best out of them as well since wasting them by not storing properly is after a bad way to lose them.

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