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Three golden rules of driving safely


There will be manner many signs and brochures at numerous places which are educating you about driving safe. But you should know that there are basically three rules that you cannot ever find missing from any driving advice or literature promoting safe driving. Also when you are driving safely there is a reduced chance of accidents. And a car that has seen no or little accidents in its life is far better valuated when you bring it to us though we still promise that we buy any car that you bring.


The first rule that you need to know is speeding is to be avoided unless absolutely necessary. One of the most reported causes of accidents on the road have been reckless speeding. If you are not in a rush and there is still time for you to reach your destination then avoid speeding.


Believe it or not but sleep is important for driving safely. If you are not fresh or haven’t been able to sleep well in the past day then we recommend that you don’t drive. Many drivers tend to go sleep when they are driving as they are tired and can keep they eyes open. We can leave it to your imagination to what is the end result of a driver sleeping in a moving car.


Many times people company that I wanted to value my car online but couldn’t get a good estimate. The reason is that they weren’t able to keep a good distance when they were driving and ended having numerous dents and scratches on their car. If you want to learn to drive safely remember that having a considerable distance is not only precautionary but also helpful.

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