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The Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle to CashitCarUK


In years gone by, selling a car was a difficult process where you either tried to sell it privately or go into a second hand car dealership to haggle a sale price with the experienced salesmen.

Recently, this process has been modernised and radically simplified. With CashitCarUK, you can access our website, provide your car registration number, current mileage, and some other basic information about the condition of the vehicle, and we will provide a no obligation online quote for the value of the vehicle.

We have twenty locations throughout the UK, so we can be easy to reach. We also provide a collection service where we will drive out to your location, collect your vehicle, and drive it back to our nearest depot for an on-site inspection. This makes it very convenient for British car owners.

We have several decades of experience in the British car industry dealing with buying and selling motor vehicles. Our vast knowledge in the industry along with the use of the latest valuation technology allows CashitCarUK to provide the best current prices. This is based on the latest market pricing, so that we know in any moment that we are giving a fair price for each vehicle.

The on-line process is quite simple. By entering your number plate, the vehicle millage, vehicle model and any special information you wish us to know, we are able to provide an initial estimated value. Once the vehicle is on-site, we perform an inspection that typically takes no longer than 30 minutes to complete. We are then able to confirm our interest in purchasing the vehicle and our official offer. If you choose to accept our offer, the paperwork can be taken care of that day and payment made via BACS to your nominated UK bank account. Should funds be needed sooner, a faster transfer can be arranged for a small fee.

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