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Taking care of your BMW leatherette seats


BMW cars are famous for their design and function. The intricate planning and production that goes into manufacturing these wonderful cars is evident from the finished product. But the seats of the BMW cars are famous for their comfort and the marvelous leather that is used in them. We love these seats and though
we buy any car we love it when these come to us. If you are one of these that want to say that “hey I can sell my car online” then you clean the leather and the leatherette seats and get a good price when it being inspected on the day of appointment.
Leather seats of a BMW car can be expensive to take care of. Therefore BMW cars also feature Leatherette seats that compared to their famous leather ones are cheaper but on the other hand are wonderful on seats. The reason is that they have far greater life compared to the usual ones where they are less prone to get cracks or scratches easily. But taking care of these seats is slightly different from the leather ones. For that reason this article will divulge some tips and things to do for your BMW leatherette seats.
Search Online for the best cleaning products.
Internet is now chock full of forums, face book pages and also websites that are offering you best tips and advice on cleaning your leatherette seats. Find the best products that are being praised or recommended. It is advised that you find cleaning products that have vinyl as they are most effective on leatherette seats.
Vacuuming the insides of your car
One of the biggest reasons for leatherette seats to lose their shine or look is the dirt settling on them. They best way to clean them will be using your vacuum cleaner and using it to take out the dust or any other particles from the seats and headrests. Cars seats have some places that are very hard to reach when cleaning it from hands. But when you use a vacuum cleaner you will be able to reach every nook and corner of the seat easily.
Water remains to be the best way to clean the seats. We recommend that you use a portable spray gun and filled it with slightly warm water. Use it to spray on the seats and then with a clean cloth swipe away any dirt on the seats easily. Use a terrycloth towel as they are most effective for this.
Using dish detergent
A traditional method of cleaning the leatherette seats will be using a dish detergent and mixing it with water. Use a spray gun again for this and then spray it on the seats to ensure that there are no stains left on the seats.
Helpful tip
With a car like BMW you can never be sure which product to love and which to hate. For that matter we advise that you apply any product that you have purchase on the hidden parts of your seats and see if they are working for you. If they are satisfactory go ahead with them and apply them on the entire seat. This saves you from the frustration of using strong chemicals that can tarnish the seats or stain them.
Cleaner seats are wonderful as they make your car cozy and comfortable to sit in. Follow these tips to increase the life of your car seats.

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