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Selling Your Car Is Not Easy When You Do It Alone


Selling your car is not an easy thing to do. There are many reasons for this.

Practice makes perfect and you have to ask yourself, how many times have you sold a car before? If you are like most people, maybe you have sold a car once before or maybe twice only.

When you try to sell your own car, you will need to advertise it. This often costs money, especially if you want to highlight your advert in order to stand out amongst the many other similar car advertisements. It can be costly to keep advertising each week and not know when or if you will ever sell your vehicle.

With car buying, just like with any other purchase, people like to come to see the product – to literally “kick the tyres” – and will not necessarily be looking to purchase right away. Many are window-shoppers that want to look around quite a bit before making a decision on a specific make and model of vehicle. When dealing with potential buyers like this, you will need to deal with many time-waster phone calls, emails and so on, and meet with a many people. This can eat away a lot of valuable hours. Ultimately, you may eek out a slightly higher price, but ask yourself, what did you pay in advertising fees and how many hours did you have to give up to get the sale?

Also, receiving payment is difficult these days. How will the person pay you? With cash? Do you have a counter-fit money checking machine to verify the notes are real? With a bankers’ draft? Are you sure it’s real and that it will clear? Or with a bank transfer? It is not that easy to receive funds from an unknown buyer in a safe way.

Cash it Car UK have 25 years’ experience in the car trade. We buy cars every day and will buy any car. We can provide an online price quote based on the details you supply, arrange to collect your vehicle and bring it to one of our 20 regional centres. We then run through a detailed inspection to confirm the car is as described in your online information. If the details match, we will agree to make the purchase at the price agreed and the funds will be transferred via BACS to your bank account in four days or less. No fuss, no problem, quick and easy.

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