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How to switch off your cell phone for driving


Some are incredible in grasping new technology; others fail to even switch on new gadget that they get. With wide array of mobile phones in the market you can expect to be confused on how to disable it so that you can easily drive without causing serious damage.

First thing you need to do is tell the person waiting at your destination that you are on your way and will be there in the required amount of time. Once you have talked or texted you need to proceed in the profiles section. Here you will come across a silent profile which you can activate. This will immediately silent your phone.


Sometimes you need to keep the ringtone on but want to reduce the volume of your text messages down. In that case we recommend that you go to the volume settings of your messages and reduce it from there.


You should know that there are now numerous software available to you that can let your cell phone know that the vehicle is being driven and it will cause your device to get silent all by itself. If you want to free yourself from constant disabling your phone or muting it when you drive, especially when you are driving often then this is the software for you. This will also ensure that you are not distracted by your cell phone when you are driving.
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