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How to replace the fuel filter in your car


I want to sell my car online. If you are saying this to your friends and peers then you should know that here at Cash It Car UK we buy any car that comes our way. But you must take good care of your vehicle or you may not get a good estimate from it. A good way to increase the performance your car will be to replace the fuel filter. It will not only increase the efficiency of your car but also save you a trip to the mechanic. Here are few easy steps to replace the fuel filter.
First of all get your tool kit as you will need a wide array of tools for replacing it. You will then need to elevate your vehicle. You can do this with a jack or also you can use one of those drive-up ramps. Now you will have to find the fuel filter. The location of the filter is different from car to car. It is mostly found in close proximity of the fuel tank so it won’t be difficult to find it.
Once you find it, remove the protective sheet on it. They all have protection that can be easily be removed by using hex wrench, screw driver or other tools. Start with the fuel lines. Look for clips, brackets or links. It is like the protection easily detachable.
You will need to get a pencil and cap the fuel lines and while you are at keep them tilted. Now easily remove the fuel filter from its position. Look for an indicator or an arrow which will be pointing to the filter. Use that to understand its orientation. Now place the new one using the direction of the fuel filter.

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