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How to repair your convertible car’s top


The charm of convertible car is intense due to its roof. But they can be easily damaged for myriad of reasons. These include constant exposure to sunlight, rough handling, vandalism and many other reasons. With small cracks in the fabric or gaping holes that will leave your car looking undesirable and unimpressive. Though most of the time repairs can be made, it is best that you replace the top all together. You should know that we buy any car that comes our way at Cash It Car UK. But if the top is damaged before our appointment we advise that you get it fixed or replaced.
But the cost of a new one may not be easy on your pocket. To ensure that the your damaged top lasts for sometime more it is best that you read on as gathered here are some wonderful ways by which you can repair your top.
The most commonly used way to repair your top will be sewing the tear together. This is not only durable but compared to other tips and techniques are more reliable. You can repair the tear by using an upholstery needle. Ensure that the stitches are near each other so that the tear is not encouraged to grow.
Duct Tape is probably a life saver in most situations and it comes with all guns blazing here as well. You can place a duct tape right beneath the tear of the top. This will allow you to cure the top immediately. But get it sewed later by someone so that you can increase its life.
Other ways by which you can effectively fix the top on your convertible will be using expanding glue. This is will allow the tear to be glued together for a long time but do stick a duct tape underneath it. This is to stop the glue from dripping inside when you are applying it. Using a patch to fix the tear is also advised. This will be effective considering the fact that it will cover the tear so well that it there will be no leak or tear left once it has been fitted. First of all you need to get a small patch for the tear. It is best that you use the same material used before. Apply some glue on the patch and place it on the tear. Let the glue to get dry and get a hold of the top and the patch making them one. Then with the upholstery needle sew them together. This will leave it permanently giving it long lasting protection and repair.
These are all easy tips that will save you a lot of money but you must understand that like many that complain that “I couldn’t sell my car online” you too can be complaining. So check your top for any damage well before appointment and get it fixed so that you don’t bring a semi repaired car to us on appointment day.

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