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How to remove battery for winter storage


Most of us have to leave our cars in storage when we get a job assignment in another city or when we need to store it for the winters. When that happens there are certain things that we have to do so that when we get it out it is working as it was before. This includes cleaning it to avoid pest infection, getting strong protective covers and many other things. But the most important job is removing the battery.
This can be confusing to some as after it is battery of the car, involves wires and tools. Gathered here are simple steps in which you can safely remove the battery and store it for the storage.
Car electronics will keep using the battery even though the car is switched off. Making sure that it is not completely drained when you are placing it in storage can only be done by taking it out. Before you take it out, write down any codes that come with your vehicle so that you can easily put it back when you want it out of the storage.
Take out any bolts or clips that are holding the battery in the hood. Once done gently take it out. If there is any wire left or it is still not coming out don’t jerk or pull it out roughly. When you have taken out the battery make sure that you place it in a dry place. To make it more secure we urge that you spray the cables with WD-40 to protect them.
Good battery can be helpful in getting a good estimate when you come to us. At Cash It Car UK we buy any car but you must understand that a good car is one that has been given care. Therefore follow the steps to get a good estimate from us or you won’t be able to say I did sell my car online.

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