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How to protect your car from pests during winter storage


For many it is a tough day when they have to store their car for the winters. Also sometimes we have to be out of the city for a longer period of time. This is when we need to find ways to ensure that our car is as it was when we get it out of storage and get it running again. Among many things that you can do, concentrate on the pests that can make it their new home.
For people that are going to store vehicles, pests can be a major boon. You should know that there are some pests that can actually harm a car’s interior. If you love the leather seats and the wonderful décor of your car then you need to clean it thoroughly.
Start with vacuuming that car. Concentrate on the seats, arm rests and also the head rests. Move to every nook and corner of the car. This includes under the seat, the area under the dashboard and the steering wheel. Also get a wet sponge and clean the sticky marks of dropped ice-cream, ketchup and other foods eaten in car. These can be excellent source of nutrition for pests.
To ensure that they cannot thrive while the car is in storage, we recommend that you spray the car not excessively but in detail with anti pest medicines and products. Also you can place d-CON in your car while it remains in the storage.
Taking care of your car shows that you love it! When this comes up in your inspection on appointment day you can expect good marks since we buy any car especially those that have see care and attention. Remember if you want to say I can sell my car online, then you need to start taking care of your car.

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