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How to make a convertible car?


The appeal of your hair flowing as your drive in scenic roads is allusive and attractive. You should know that you can now make a convertible car easily as well. With the prices of convertibles being too high making your own will be more appealing. Though the process demands that you are able in certain skills and using tools like welding gun the end result is worth the effort.
Firstly you will have to reshape the car. For that reason you must cut the frame of the car. To do that you will require a good metal saw. Using it you can cut the supports of the frame that are found on the doors. Don’t forget to roll the windows down. Be sure to do this as many absent minded use the saw right through the windows. Most people also use a grinder tool as it is also effective to cut into metal. Make the cuts in such a way that top of the car is completely off near the door panels.
Now with precision cut back only 3 inches where you have your windshield and the roof meeting together. The point of doing this is to allow you to leave support for the windshield to stay at its position. You will have to do the same thing when you are doing it on the rear windshield. Ensure that you do it only for 3 inches so that support remains for the rear windshield as well.
Ask your neighbor or someone capable from your household to pick the roof with you. Lift it up and remove it from the top of the car. Remember it is heavy and getting a good group is essential. Get more help if the roof is too heavy for two.
Now, to ensure that the car looks aesthetically appealing, you will have to grind down on the areas where the cut was made so that they are in the shape that complements that car and its new shape. Use a wheel grinder to make the as smooth as possible.
You will need a tarpaulin grommet. This is similar to the one used in boats as boat covers and is easily found in markets. You can have a fabric cover made for your car and have it fitted into the grommet. Once you are done with it you can use it for your roof. Use the grommet on the roof so that it holds the cover.
You can now enjoy pleasant drives on scenic routes like many that have convertible cars. Though we promise that we buy any car that our customers bring us you should tell us straightaway that you have modified the car when you are completing the online valuation. The reason is that this will allow us to better judge the car and give exact estimate. Many fail to sell their car and then discourage others as well not to sell it online. You can be one of them saying that “I can’t sell my car online” or you can be honest and tell us so that you can get rid of it and get a new one.

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