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How to clean your convertible car roof


I want to sell my car online is now possible through our wonderful website “Cash It Car UK”. All you have to do is pass our three steps so that you can sell your used car to us. A good way to impress us will be cleaning your car well before the appointment day. This will allow you to get a good price from our inspectors. We promise that we buy any car but it is also important that the car is worth our time and money. Therefore if you have a convertible make it presentable for us and get a good price.
With technology allowing us so many things to do there are also many things that we are now finding that are impossible to do. With convertible cars the dilemma is that car washes are now being made with automatic systems. These are not fit for convertible cars as the roofs are not permanent as they can easily allow the water to come in the cars. With this in mind you need to know how you can clean your car yourself. The reason is that the roof poses a problem for you since it cannot be cleaned in standardized way.
There are now two types of convertible car roofs. These are the folding metal and other one is the non metal version. Gathered here are the tips for both versions that you can use to clean your car.
Metal Version Rooftop
First thing that you need to do is ensure that the roof is free of any dirt. This can be ensured by using a simple sponge and dipping the sponge in warm water mixed with detergent. Ensure that there is no detergent left and if there is clean it with simple water.
Once done you can then use a lint free cloth and clean the roof in smooth consistent motions. Use polish on the metal according to the instructions of the product that you are using. It is advised that you use polish first on a small part and then proceed to the other area. This will allow you to use small amount of polish on a specific area for better results.
Non Metal version Rooftop
For non metal version roofs you can start by using a soft and smooth brush and a bucket of warm water. Start to scrub the roof with it to ensure that the roof is clean of any particle. Ensure that the brush is cleaned after sometime of scrubbing especially when you are moving to the next area for scrubbing. Then use a soft fabric cleaning product for the roof and apply it with a brush. However don’t do it in the traditional circular motion. Do it in straight lines.
Let the product on the roof as prescribed on the label of the product. Once the time is up remove it with warm water and a brush. Ensure that none remains behind. Once you are done with it you can dry it with a towel by patting it.

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