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How to clean your BMW effectively?


If there is a BMW parked on the driveway of your home then you are envy of your neighbors. But if its dusty with dirt settling it may lose its charm. It is after the sweet glint of the car’s metal, the smell of its leather seats that makes it so allusive to many. It is quite attractive to us too and we loved when someone replies to our slogan that we buy any car with a great car like BMW. When you say I want to sell my car online at Cash It Car UK we advise that you get it cleaned or do it yourself. After all, presentation is all that matters when it is inspected on appointment day.
Cleaning your BMW like an average car will not do. It requires special care and attention. If you are a lucky owner of a BMW then you can follow the instructions gathered here that will allow you to easily clean it to its pristine elegant look.
What you need:
For effective cleaning of a BMW it is important that you choose products and detergents that will allow for the best cleaning of your car. We recommend that you get a microfiber towel and if you can find something near it you can also use a sheepskin washing mitt. Also try to find yourself a high quality car wash detergent or shampoo. You will hear from your friends or peers that also own the wonderful car that using the amazing ivory dishwashing detergent will be wonderful. But remember that it won’t be good and will have adverse effects if it is used frequently. For that reason we recommend you rely on high quality products like Diamond Wash and Wax which is found to be the most effective on BMW cars. 
The Cleaning process  
Now park your car in a place where it won’t be in the sun. If you can find a place which is declining will be ideal. This will allow you to easily drain off the shampoo and the water off your car. Make sure that the water that you are using is not warm. Also don’t apply too much pressure and give your car a preliminary wash. Do this is parts, that is first the front, then the roof and later the sides and the back. This will allow you to meticulously clean most of the car easily without missing out any section.  
After the initial wash you need to make a cleaning liquid. Use a bucket to mix your car shampoo with water. Now with the towel you have clean the dirt on your car. After some swipes rinse the towel in clean water and continue till it’s clean from any dirt. Once done use a glossing product and bring shine to the body of your car.
Now you have to dry your car. This has to be done carefully as many people bring scratches at this part of cleaning. It is best that you start drying it quickly as letting it dry yourself will leave the exterior with foggy marks. Try to clean your car in long swipes with a dry microfiber towel. Do apply pressure but not so much that you bring scratches or leave the glistening body with spots and foggy marks yourself.
Don’t rely on towels that are manufactured by using cotton or polyester blend. They can easily scratch off the paint of your BMW. Also be careful when buying cleaning products as some have chemicals that have strong potency and cause adverse effects. It is best to ask from BMW dealerships about the cleaning products to use.

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