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How to Check Your Tire Pressure


One of the best ways to ensure that your driving is secure and safe is to keep the tires in mind. Tires if not in best shape can cause serious accidents to happen and reduce the value of your car. This will show up when you come to us to sell your car. We buy any car that is bought to us but it has to go through the three stage process we have. I want to value my car online is what many say but what they don’t say is how much mistakes they have done. Not checking your tires air pressure can be one of them.


Before you read our way of checking your tires air pressure we urge you to read what your car’ manual has to say about it. Manufacturers not only give the best procedure to check the air pressure in your car easily but also state the ideal PSI in your car which is usually 30.


First of all you need to check on the sides of your tires. Here you will find the maximum PSI that is allowed for your tire. This should not be exceeded as it is the recommended one.


If the PSI is greater than the one that is stated we advise strongly that you reduce it around 10 to 15 percent. If you want to drive safely or smoothly we urge that it should be ideal in every tire that your car has. When the PSI of your tires is less than the advised PSI in your tires you will have to pump it up to the ideal one. If you fail to do so you can expect flat tires and uneven drives.


Remember tires form the staple of driving safely and you cannot simply ignore their worth in this regard.

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