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How to change Spark Plugs


At Cash IT Car UK you can come to us with your user car since we buy any car. With our easy three stage process you will be free from your car at a great price. To get a good estimate we advise that you take good care of your care. To ensure that it gives optimal performance we offer you easy way to change your spark plugs.
Old and depleted spark plugs can be troublesome. They can cause your engine to dysfunction, reduces the performance of your car and decrease the gas utilization. The best thing for you will be to replace the spark plugs once you cross 100k miles mark.
Before you begin changing the spark plugs we advise that you wait till the engine cools down. Apart from spark plugs you should never do anything on your engine when it is running or when it is hot. Once the engine cools down you can remove the wire on the spark plug. There are tools to take out the wire but you can do this by hand as well. But grab the wire from its boot. Once you do start to clean the hole in the plug was in to remove any particles or dirt in it.
Now remove the plug itself with a ratchet or socket wrench. Remember that you need to turn it counter clockwise. Place the spark plug in and turn it clockwise using your hand and then the wrench. You will hear a small click or snap indicating its in place.
Changing your spark plug is one of the few things you can do increase your car’s performance. You should do these often so that you too can say like our many satisfied customers that I did sell my car online easily without any fuss.

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