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How the process works, Appointment


How the process works, Appointment

Tips on preparing your car before selling it

We at Cash It Car UK present our customers with a simple and elegant solution to sell their cars easily online. Once you understand how easy our process is you won’t be complaining to friends or family like, “I can’t find any place to sell my car online.“ The process involves three steps. These include the initial valuation in which you will provide us with information about the car and we will use our database to procure the best price for your car. Then it is the appointment phase. Here you will find that you will be presenting your car to the inspection team that will determine whether the car price was accurate and the information that you gave us was indeed correct.  This is the most crucial part and it is important that you are aware of the various considerations that you need to bear in mind so that you don’t miss the wonderful opportunity to sell your car coherently and easily.

You should first know that since you will be presenting your car for the first time to our inspection team is it important that you get it car washed. Don’t get lazy and take chances. There are many blotches and dirt marks that can inadvertently bring the value of the car low. Aesthetically appealing cars always sell better. Therefore, before setting out for the inspection get back that old gleam and shine of your car.

Leave out the usual trash and unwanted stuff in the car. You will find that your car will be filled with so many unwanted things that you don’t like.  Start with the trunk of the car and give it a good cleaning. Then proceed to the interior and use a vacuum to clean the carpets and the seats. Using a good brush, clean the seats of any dust that has settled in. Also it will be a good idea to clean the dashboard of anything except the papers relevant to the car. Use a light perfume or an air freshener to bring about a pleasant smell.

Lastly concentrate on the hood of the car. That will be one of the primary places where the inspectors will look. Get it washed with warm water and also ensure that there is no sticky grime or particles. Get it cleansed by the car wash or in fact by dedicated car repair shops that can also tune it a bit so that you can get a better impression on the car.

If the information that you supplied in the initial valuation is accurate and as near as the real picture, chances are that you will be paid for the car at the spot. In that case it is important that you take out anything that you want to keep now. This will include decorations like fuzzy dice or speakers that you installed.  Remember that we at Cash It Car UK are dedicated to provide you with hassle free service and we can buy any car. So don’t worry about the sale and proceed with confidence and make a strong impression.

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