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Exchange your old car for the latest Dodge Dart R/T 2013 model


Many of the car producers are now focusing on making cars that are fuel efficient as well as cars that are high in performance and appearance. People who have old cars should take advantage of this and buy new model cars of 2013 that are fuel efficient and do not leave a dent on your pocket. One such car is Dodge Dart R/T 2013 model which is priced at $23,290. It comes in many colors and the most popular color of this model is Red.
It has less muscular brethren and it rides on a Fiat Chassis borrowed from Alfa Romeo with full independent suspension that makes it so popular. The 2013 model will have lower and stiffer suspension and greater horsepower. One of the most important features of this car is the performance wheels that it has. It has 18 inch aluminum wheels that make them very stylish and durable no matter how rough the road is. Furthermore, it has dual exhaust with bright tips. The two tail pipes that this car has are not very common in other cars and that is what adds to its charm.
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