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Easy steps to reprogram your BMW Car Keys


It is said that the Steve Jobs, the man behind the innovation and stunning products of Apple Inc was deeply impressed and inspired by BMW cars. This is comprehensible considering the fact that they have been coming with wonderful features in their cars that sets them apart from the plethora of car manufacturers in the world.
One such feature is the BMW car key. BMW car keys are renowned for their sophisticated technology that is not found in other cars available in the market. They come with powerful tech and system that allows them to easily start the car and also to use the power door locks of the car coherently. But like all things that are complicated there are certain issues with the key that are confusing. One such thing is reprogramming it.
If you too have to reprogram your keys after changing its batteries or in fact your car batteries then you can read this article. Here you will find an easy to understand guide that will allow you to reprogram your car keys easily without any hassle.
To reprogram your car keys you will first of all need to get in your BMW and close the door. Make sure you don’t leave it ajar or that it is closed loosely. Once you are done with this you can place your key into the car and twist it to the “On Position”. Don’t let it go and hold it for some time. Ideally for three to four seconds will do. Once you have waited for sometime then turn off the car and remove the key from the ignition.
Now focus on the unlock button of the key. Here you will have to immediately press the lock button continuously for three times. Make sure that there is no gap in between.
Once you are done with this you can release the button. When you do this you will find that the door locks will all start to flash. Don’t be alarmed by this as this is the indication that they are being reprogrammed and you can proceed to the next step.
Now place the key back into the car’s ignition and here you will have to switch once between ON and then OFF to complete the process of reprogramming your car.
You should know that the process must be done in order and in continuous motion or it won’t work. If you think you have missed some part doesn’t worry it won’t have any effect but you will have to do it again.
Remember that you cannot in case program a Car key from another BMW. That is a failsafe as these keys are special and unique. They are made in a specific pattern from lasers and will not match the ignition slot of your car. Using another car key will have no effect as the computer that is in these cars will not recognize the key that is being used.
BMW is a wonderful car and we love to buy these. Our policy of encouraging customers to come forward with their cars allows us to easily get great cars like these. That is why we say we buy any car that you can bring to us considering they are in good condition. If you too have tinkered with your keys or another gadget to tell us as it will help us better understand what price we should pay for it. Or else you can be one of those unfortunate ones that exclaim angrily “we couldn’t sell my car online”.

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