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Drive with care for your safety and for your car’s safety


People often complain that keeping a car has a lot of maintenance cost attached to it. Obviously, regular maintenance of the car will save one from huge cost that have to be borne that could have been prevented if regular maintenance of the car is carried out. There are certain tips if followed will sufficiently reduce one’s cost of repairs.
Just by simply driving safely can keep your car in good conditi[...]

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How to protect the exterior of the car


Cash it car UK is one of the leading buyers of cars in UK and is mostly involved in online buying and selling of cars. Apart from that, it is considered one of the best car buyers UK and is highly valued by its customers. If you plan to sell your old cars all you have to do is to fill an online application form specifying the car details and its specifications. Once you have filled the form and stated to

How to maintain your tires, wheels and brakes


Cash it car UK is known for providing valuable tips to its valued customers for a long period of time. Not only that webuyanycar that you may possess be it old, be it jeep or any types of car We buy any car. We mostly deal in online buying and selling of cars, for that our valued customers have to fill an online application form and specify what type of service is [...]

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How you can clean your car


Cash it car UK is one of the leading car buyers in UK. Not only does it buy cars we offer many other services such as advices as to which car to buy according to your budget, tips on how to keep your cars in better conditions and many other services. When you plan to sell your car be it old or new, you have to fill an online application form where you have to specify to sell my car online. So that your application is processed further on and sent to the relevant department. The[...]

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Tips for tires for winter storage


Tires are expensive and pose a challenge when the question of keeping them safe arises. For that reason it is important that when you are placing your car for winter storage you make sure that you take precautions in keeping them safe. After if you are one of those that say that I want to sell my car online then having good tires with your car will help your price. Granted we buy any car
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How to protect your car from pests during winter storage


For many it is a tough day when they have to store their car for the winters. Also sometimes we have to be out of the city for a longer period of time. This is when we need to find ways to ensure that our car is as it was when we get it out of storage and get it running again. Among many things that you can do, concentrate on the pests that can make it their new home.
For people that are going to store vehicles, pes[...]

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How to change Spark Plugs


At Cash IT Car UK you can come to us with your user car since we buy any car. With our easy three stage process you will be free from your car at a great price. To get a good estimate we advise that you take good care of your care. To ensure that it gives optimal performance we offer you easy way to change your spark plugs.
Old and depleted spark plugs can be troublesome. They can cause your engine to dysfunction, reduces the performance of your car and decreas[...]

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A brief check list of things to do in tune ups


If you have a car you will understand how bad it feels when it stops working in the middle of the road when you are going to work or to meet someone. To avoid these situations it is best that you treat your car with regular tune ups. This maintains the performance of your car and keeps it running. It is best to get your car tuned up after every 30000 miles. There are certain things that cannot be missed when you are to get your car tuned up. Here is a ch[...]

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