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Driving safety trips for women when travelling at night


With rising costs many women are not coming out to help their households by taking part time jobs. Some of these jobs happen to be in late hours. There are numerous dangers lurking in the shade of night that women have to be aware of. Gathered here are some wonderful and helpful tips that can help you in driving back home safely to your family.


Say no to hitchhikers. If you are to travel by night we strongly urge t[...]

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How to Check Your Tire Pressure


One of the best ways to ensure that your driving is secure and safe is to keep the tires in mind. Tires if not in best shape can cause serious accidents to happen and reduce the value of your car. This will show up when you come to us to sell your car. We buy any car that is bought to us but it has to go through the three stage process we have. I want to value my car online i[...]

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How to ensure concentration while you are on the road


Getting distracted while driving is human error and it is not something that you have to be afraid off. The reason is that it is a problem that has a simple solutions and tips that you can follow. Gathered here are some of the best or most recommended techniques that you can follow and allow you to easily become a concentrated and focused driver.
Texting and driving can be hazardous not only to you but also to other cars that are on t[...]

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How to switch off your cell phone for driving


Some are incredible in grasping new technology; others fail to even switch on new gadget that they get. With wide array of mobile phones in the market you can expect to be confused on how to disable it so that you can easily drive without causing serious damage.

First thing you need to do is tell the person waiting at your destination that you are on your way and will be there in the required amount of time. Once you have talked or texte[...]

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Advantages of Seat Belts


Many drivers make myriad of excuses when it comes to seat belts. But whether you are slow driver or cautious one you should know that there are plethora of advantages of seat belts that make them imperative for any driver. If you are not aware of these or want to be convinced about seat belts then read on to reprise yourself of their numerous benefits.


During car crashes the force that hits the car can make a person to get violently eject his or her car. When you are wearing y[...]

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Keeping care of your car lights


When you are driving during the night or when there is low visibility your car lights will be your eyes. One of the basic ingredients of smooth and safe driving is that your car lights are functioning properly and without any glitch. Taking care of your car lights is not an intricate task. All you have to do is follow some simple steps that are gathered here in this course of writing.


Having foggy or dirty lights can be harmful not only to the lights but to you si[...]

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Three golden rules of driving safely


There will be manner many signs and brochures at numerous places which are educating you about driving safe. But you should know that there are basically three rules that you cannot ever find missing from any driving advice or literature promoting safe driving. Also when you are driving safely there is a reduced chance of accidents. And a car that has seen no or little accidents in its life is far better valuated when you bring it to us though we still promise that [...]

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Tips for driving safely during rain


One of the foremost advantages of having a car is that it allows you to easily move around when you are there is rain. Many pedestrians are looking for cabs and local buses to reach their destinations. On the other hand many are ducking under umbrellas and newspapers to get out safely without getting wet.
But driving safely in rain can be a challenge. Gathered here are few tips that can help you to easily drive around in rain without causing accidents or harm to fellow d[...]

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Tips for driving safely in night


For many drivers the hardest thing to do is drive during the night. There are number of steps that they can take to ensure that you are not uncomfortable driving at night. At Cash It Car UK we receive numerous cars that have dents and damage due to their owner’s inability to drive well during the night. For them we offer here some tips to improve their driving experience.


You need to allow your eyes to adapt to lower light when going out to drive. For normal[...]

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What your need to know about driving safety in winters


Winter is to come at the end of the year. Therefore taking precautions is imperative if you want to avoid accidents. Remember a car that has undergone an accident will not get a good valuation from us. Though we pride ourselves to be the Best Car Buyer UK has to offer we are particular on this point. Gathered here are numerous things that you need [...]

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