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A brief check list of things to do in tune ups


If you have a car you will understand how bad it feels when it stops working in the middle of the road when you are going to work or to meet someone. To avoid these situations it is best that you treat your car with regular tune ups. This maintains the performance of your car and keeps it running. It is best to get your car tuned up after every 30000 miles. There are certain things that cannot be missed when you are to get your car tuned up. Here is a check list that will help you in this regard.
You will need to see to it that your spark plugs are changed. The reason is that they can reduce the efficiency of your engine and cause it to misfire. To avoid further damage we recommend that you get them replaced at every tune up.
Fuel filters is another aspect that must not be forgotten if you want optimal performance from your car when you get it filled up with gasoline. Dirty or depleted fuel filters can cause you extra buck when they don’t consume the gasoline efficiently.
Distributor caps can also be one of the reasons for your car not performing well. We recommend that you get it replaced as well. It is found very near to the spark plugs.
We do say that we buy any car that our valued customers bring to us. But if you want to say that I want to sell my car online, then you should take care of your car. As like any buyer we too want to get great cars not the ones that have not seen any tune ups or care.

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